Françoise Vandiedonck

I live and paint in Anjou where I have a "workshop-house" at Les Ponts de Cé -France-.

The world of art, music, literature and painting in particular have been part of my life forever.
During my travels, in Normandy in particular, I meet famous artists who will allow me to concretize and develop my desire to paint.

After a figurative period, I evolve towards a more informal approach having realized that the most intense emotions flow essentially from the revealed space of our inner world.
The abstract painting is there, to give to see the unspeakable and the non-visible.

Many collective artistic events that I participated in over time, over time: Hauts de France, Normandy, PACA Region, New Aquitaine .. etc.
Many are my distinctions and personal exhibitions: Caen, Rouen, Paris, Angers, Marseille, Toulouse ... etc.

I share my passion by leading workshops on an approach to abstraction.
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