Françoise Vandiedonck

Like dormant underground water, the "painting of the elusive" slowly infiltrated the hollow of my dreams, to metamorphose into an undulating trickle, then into an impetuous flow.


For a long time, the world of art: music, literature and painting in particular have been part of my existence.

After a brief administrative career interrupted by the professional developments of my spouse (Arras, Caen, Rouen, Laval, Angers Marseille), I met many renowned artists and worked in different studios.

All this allowed me to materialize, develop and enrich the need to express myself in painting.
After a figurative period, I gradually evolved towards a more informal, more free and intuitive approach... I then arrived at the unsuspected, unimaginable threshold of the joys of abstract painting.

This upsets me, surprises me and fascinates me more every day, to the point of wanting to share it with all those attracted by this painting of the intimate. The evolution towards the mystery of each is, for me, an unspeakable joy. Abstract painting is there, to show the non-visible, to help us discover man in his infinite complexity, and the universe in its infinite movement. Like dormant underground water, the painting of the elusive has slowly infiltrated the hollow of my dreams, to metamorphose into an undulating flow, then into an impetuous and leaping flow, loving freedom. This is how she offered herself in grace, shrouded in the mystery of her source.

Today, I have a “house-workshop” in Ponts de Cé and, for 20 years now, I have continued to pass on my passion to the GAT workshops in Trélazé.

My pictorial itinerary can be summed up in numerous collective exhibitions from the North to the South of France, with even a modest crossing of the ocean towards New York.

As for my personal exhibitions, they have taken me to Paris, Caen, Rouen, Toulouse, Angers and Bouchemaine etc...

In addition, I illustrated the cover of the scientific research journal "Genome Research" of July 2011.


1966-2022 Autodidacte France
Françoise Vandiedonck

The artist at work


2014 Prix du Salon de la Doutre Angers, France

2014 Prix de la ville de Trélazé, salon de printemps du Lions clubd'Angers Trélazé, France

2012 prix du Crédit Agricole au salon de printemps des Lions Club d'Angers Trélazé, France

2007 Grand prix du salon Phocéart Marseille, France

2004 prix peinture Foire aux Croûtes Angers, France

1995 Prix de la Ville de Caen au Salon des indépendants de Basse Normandie Caen, France

1994 Médaille d'or du Cinquantenaire du débarquement Caen, France

1994 Prix Peinture de la Semaine Thématique du Cinquantenaire du débarquement Ouistreham, France

1990 Prix René Borel Salon international Deauville, France

1988 Prix du Lion's club Flers, France

1987 Finaliste national Trophée de la couleur LEFRANC &BOURGEOIS, Paris (75), France

1987 médaille de platine à l'Académie Wallonne des Arts à (Belgique) Charleroi, Belgium

Solo Expositions

2022 Echappées Enchantées , abbaye de Bouchemaine, France

2012 credit agricole Andard, France

2011 La Godeline, 73 Rue Plantagenêt, Angers, France

2009 Peintures abstraites Ecole Supérieure d'Agricultures Angers, France

2009 Galerie "Arteconte", 15 rue de Savoie PARIS 6ème, France

2007 et 2012 Galerie" Concha de Nazelle", 5 Rue du Puits Vert, Toulouse, France

2006 Galerie "Libre Concept Art " , 26 rue des Lices Angers, France

2005 La Godeline, 73 Rue Plantagenêt, Angers, France

2004 à 2006 Foire aux Croûtes, rue des Lices Angers, France

1999 Galerie "Le Lieu-dit" 89 Rue Beauvoisine, Rouen, France

1993 Hotel Mercure 6 Place Courtonne Caen, France

1991 Hôtel d'Escoville 8,place Saint Pierre Caen, France

Collective Expositions

2022 depuis 2005 Salon de printemps des Lions Club d'Angers Trélazé, France

2022 2010 et 2011, 2013 et 2014, 2017 et 2018, 2022 Salon de Sainte Gemmes sur Loire, France

2022 depuis 2003 Salon de la Doutre (invitée d'honner 2016) Angers, France

2022 Salon de Trélazé ( depuis 2002 invitée d'honneur à 2 reprises) France

2018 2019 Salon des Arts Cholet, France

2016 47 ème Salon Artistique de Sainte Maure de Touraine, France

2015 2007 et 2008, 2011 et 2012, 2014 et 2015 "49 Regards" Trélazé, France

2012 Open Eyes Galerie, le Presbytère, Challain-la-Potherie, France

2010 Exposition Annuelle des Peintres de Saint Germain La Flèche, France

2010 The Affordable Art Fair New York City New York, United States

2008 et 2009 Arteconte présente les artistes de la galerie Paris 6, France

2002 La galerie Thuillier expose Paris, France

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